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In 1895, [REDACTED]  wrote a novel known for creating the concept of intentional time travel and even the concept of a time machine itself. But he isn't just regarded as a father of science fiction or an exceptional author: he's known around the world for his vision of the future, with The Smithsonian even calling his predictions "amazingly prescient". But what if this innocent time travel story contained a secret embedded deep within its pages, one that proves his ability to see the future was more than just coincidence?

CHRONOS deepens the rabbit hole opened by FUT1LITY: morphing into a three-phase journey of technology, prophecy, possible time travel, and even apocalypse. (Ownership of FUT1LITY is not required for performance.)

This is the very true story of H.G. Wellshis uncanny predictions of the future, and his warnings for mankind. Just as with FUT1LITY, you absolutely must limit how much of it you share with people - it really is that powerful.


While CHRONOS doesn't utilize a traditional method or effect, it does perform something impossible: it predicts the future. After explaining the very true historical account of [REDACTED] and his unusual ability to predict mankind’s technological advancements, you share with your audience a shocking discovery you've made about the book. You believe the author encoded into his works specific details of his vision of the future, citing the most important technological advances of the last century and beyond, when they'd come to be, and more.

All in all, over a dozen of the most world-altering innovations of the twentieth century are predicted, but that's not all. After sharing these unlikely predictions you claim he encoded into the pages of his book, you begin to share your interest with the audience as to why [REDACTED] would have done this, and that's when things take a very serious turn. Did he predict the end of the world? Was he trying to warn us?

The questions don't stop there.

Why did he really meet with Albert Einstein in 1929? 

And why did he request his epitaph read, "I told you so, you damned fools."?


CHRONOS is strictly limited to seventy-five copies, each with a signed and individually numbered certificate of authenticity which also serves as a “key” to the performance guide. Each copy is meticulously hand aged and distressed to Dark Artifice standards. There is absolutely nothing to hide, add, remove, memorize, or force. The book can be examined fully and read cover to cover without any chance of anything being found. CHRONOS is just as powerful on its own as it is when combined with FUT1LTY.

*Please allow 5-7 business days for fulfillment.*