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What if a book could predict significant, world-changing events?

In 1898, [REDACTED] authored the most prophetic novel of all time; an eerily accurate tale of a maritime disaster which, fourteen years later, came true as the most famous shipwreck of all time: The Titanic.

But what if the sinking of The Titanic wasn't the only event [REDACTED] foresaw? What if you've unlocked a secret which proves that many events of the twentieth century (and beyond) were predicted, down to their exact date and details?

Take your spectator down a rabbit hole: one of prophecy, possible time travel, nervous breakdowns and even murder.

This is the very true story of [REDACTED], his uncanny predictions of the future, and his mysterious death. We've taken this true story a step further, though, and what we're offering is something so powerful you absolutely must limit how much of it you share with people.


While [REDACTED] doesn't utilize a traditional method or effect, it does perform something impossible: it predicts the future. After explaining the true historical account of this uncanny novel, one which predicted the sinking of The Titanic to a shocking degree of accuracy, you share with your audience a discovery you've made about the book: you believe [REDACTED] also predicted the exact date The Titanic would sink.

That's just the beginning.

After sharing this unlikely prediction you claim he encoded into the pages of his book, you explain that there's more. [REDACTED] encoded predictions (down to the exact date and details) of many of the world's important events, not just The Titanic. The Hindenburg disaster, both World Wars, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the moon landing, assassinations, economic collapse, and more.

All in all, over a dozen of the most world-altering events of the twentieth century were predicted, but that's not all. [REDACTED] may have also predicted some major events of the twenty-first century and beyond. The implication is overwhelming:  what events are predicted between the covers of this dusty old novel that haven't even happened yet?

And what caused [REDACTED] to move to a hotel soon after the sinking of The Titanic? The New York Times claimed he moved there to deal with his nervous breakdowns. Not much later, he was found dead under extremely unusual circumstances. Did he foresee his own death, as well?


[REDACTED] is strictly limited to seventy-five copies, each with a signed and individually numbered certificate of authenticity. Each copy is meticulously hand aged and distressed to Dark Artifice standards. There is absolutely nothing to hide, add, remove, memorize, or force. The book can be examined fully and read cover to cover without any chance of anything being found.