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Dark Artifice


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Before you lies what looks like an innocent fortune-telling book, not unlike those popular near the turn of the 20th century. Look closer, though, and you’ll find that it’s anything but ordinary. It knows things it shouldn’t, and contains an ancient wisdom between its covers that remains as enigmatic as it does intriguing. It has no author, no publisher, no title. Just a mysterious sigil on its cover that beckons you to open it, to consult it. Its age is vague, and only that it’s an antique is clear. Some have rumored it to be a lost work of A.E. Waite, while others believe its origins are far older.



Hermetica allows you to do all of the following and more:

  • Give detailed full-deck tarot readings without the need to carry a deck or know any of its meanings – the book does it all for you. It behaves as a full, shuffled seventy-eight-card deck, enabling someone to simply open to any page just as they would cut to any card.

This allows you to instantly and effortlessly perform any classic tarot spread or reading. No knowledge of the tarot, the spreads themselves, or how to give readings are required when utilizing Hermetica. It’s the perfect tool for the new reader looking to learn and practice, the intermediate looking to gain confidence and add mystery, or the expert looking to streamline and enhance.

  • Hermetica contains within its pages the ability to secretly acquire personal information about your sitter while giving a reading. In addition to star signs, you can know exactly what’s troubling someone, such as a family issue, perhaps, or money, or maybe something with their career. This covertly acquired information can be revealed during a reading or saved for a later moment utilizing pendulums, palmistry, or just about anything else. 
  • In addition to acquiring knowledge, Hermetica allows you to reveal information in a new and immensely powerful manner. Impossibly, someone can open the book to any page and experience it calculating and narrowing down on whatever piece of information it is you choose to have revealed (a star sign, for example, or an unturned tarot card, or just about anything you’d like). It almost feels like some ancient, ethereal knowledge is awakened between the covers of the book and begins to divulge itself, all while in someone’s hands. 
  • You may also consult Hermetica for answers about the future. These answers feel almost sentient, as though the book has knowledge of things it shouldn’t. You can play this however you’d like. Is it the wisdom of the tarot answering their questions? Is it the book itself, or maybe even the spirits speaking from beyond? 
  • Hermetica allows you to force any object (borrowed or otherwise), without you ever needing to touch the book or the objects. This force occurs in a uniquely organic way, regardless of the number or arrangement of items. This works every time, and is fantastically easy to do.
  • As a bonus, you’ll learn Astraea, a concept which enables you to essentially acquire the star sign of everyone in the room all at once. The audience will be unaware of anything happening other than just a fun and simple tarot reading in which they all can silently participate from their seats. It makes no difference if the room seats five people or fifty.



Both editions of Hermetica are made with specially-sourced real vintage paper, hand-stitched and further aged to tasteful perfection. These are handmade by artisans with only the highest quality materials and is breathtaking when held in one's hands.

Bound in a forest green cloth and stamped with gold foil, the cloth edition demands respect and intrigue. It is approximately six inches by nine inches in size and has a substantial feel. Due to the limited nature of the special materials, only 75 individually numbered copies will ever be made.

The leather edition adds even more to the attention commanded by Hermetica, and is perfect for the collector and lover of books. It's rare for a book to grasp the spotlight and hold it so firmly before even being opened. It's bound in one solid piece of real, hand-aged cowhide and bears the same esoteric sigil as the cloth edition. *Due to the handmade nature and real cowhide leather of this edition, slight variations in color and grain may occur.* Only 45 individually numbered copies of the leather edition will ever be made. 

Please note that this is a preorder, and books will begin shipping in weekly batches beginning on January 12 on a first-come-first-served basis. The concepts within are simple, but are many in number, which led me to write a very detailed and lengthy manual. The manual will be available immediately as a download.