Dark Artifice



Dark Artifice





Can an old fortune-telling game really hold any power?

In 1977, an Ohio game company (known for its controversial spirit-contact device) created a fortune-telling game that somehow knew things – things it had no business knowing. Did this company accidentally tap into some strange ancient magic, or is something far more sinister at play?


You blow the dust off the box, pull its drawer open, and are greeted with some strange cards and a rather nostalgic decoder device. The decoder swivels open, the ritual begins, and that’s when things start to take a turn.

One or more spectators follow the game’s directions and each land on one prophecy card for themselves. They take turns reading their fortunes aloud, and then use the decoder to reveal their future. The prophecies are strangely specific, lending a sense of credibility to them. But one spectator sits stunned, silently staring at her card. It’s a shocking moment of real magic: Nostradamus not only revealed her future, he knew her name. She sits in disbelief as her own name stares back at her, printed on the very card she chose for herself.


Oracle is an all-new prediction system disguised as a vintage fortune-telling game.

This is not another one of the countless prediction effects that reveal a chosen card or object, or a series of seemingly meaningless choices. Rather, it reveals shockingly accurate details about your audience. No memory work or pre-show is required, and no sleight of hand is needed. And, most importantly, no convoluted processes or mathematics for your audiences to fumble through.

Instead, Oracle utilizes a new method that’s perfectly justified, self-working, and happens entirely in the spectator’s hand; we call it The Oracle Shuffle. Instead of detracting from the effect, this technique can be highlighted and scrutinized in the performance and only adds to the mystery of the performance; it’s that clean and that strong. 

Not every ending will be a name reveal. Nostradamus may also choose to describe your detailed physical attributes – an equally unsettling miracle. Expansion packs for new kinds of reveals will be available in the future. One mystery expansion pack included with each order. If performing for a small group of, say, three or more, you’ll always have a hit, though there are routines optimized for one-on-one performances.


Please Note: Due to the nature of the red decoder, adequate light is necessary. The decoder is crucial to the method and not simply a novelty, and therefore Oracle is not recommended for low-light situations. A small flashlight or phone light will suffice if needed.

Box Dimensions: 5.5” x 1.2” x 4.0”